The Peregrine Empire

For three hundred years the Peregrine Empire was a source of strength in the sector. It was founded by the Roanaway System and has since expanded beyond the size that can be easily managed. It has slowly fractioned into the Upper Empire, controlled by the Falluego System, and the Lower Empire, controlled by the Roanaway System.

Over the past hundred years the Athullin Collective has encroached into the empire, displacing entire planets who have created the Meanderers, starship-cities that fill the skies of planets throughout the empire.

Far Bantria is the most remote of all systems in the empire. Baria is the source of industry and farming, supplying food and tech for overpopulated areas of the empire. Grand Astros is wild and dangerous, but holding it prevents further Athullin incursions.

Roanaway System is the civic center for the lower empire. Falluego System is the civic center for the upper empire. Falluego is bordered by the Dissana Kingdom, a mysterious group of people so secretive that perhaps only the emperors themselves truly understand them.

The Setepo

You are the crew of The Setepo. It is a short-range trading ship, owned by Blue Star Transport.

Two of the crew are employed by Blue Star – the captain and the pilot. The rest of the crew were hired by the captain.

Player Characters:

  • Captain [[Magnus Harek]] (miles)
  • Pilot Lance
  • Engine Mechanic Axen Grand – Ian
  • Tech Specialist Datum – Elissa
  • Medical Support Vespa – Rachel

The Peregrine Empire