The Peregrine Empire

The Delivery


Locations: Sky 17, Sharpfield, The Corner; and Outpost 409, The Corner

The Setepo is in the process of having its warp coil repaired. The crew received a message from [:brugger | Brugger]], their manager from Blue Star Transport. Brugger told them to pick up some cargo from Sky 17 and directed them to find Bonita Nos at La Honcha.

While landing on Sky 17, the crew bribed and threatened the dock manager, who did not allow them to park their ship without paying $$160 for a docking permit.

They found La Honcha. Bonita Nos was finishing her set. They gambled, playing Ship, Captain, Crew, and won some money. Bonita did not want to leave, so they tried to force her to leave. Eventually they left together and nobody got killed.

Back at the dock, they were stopped by the sky 17 guard and warned to not cause trouble. They also had to pay the dock manager many credits in order to land and pick up cargo.

They met Don, a maintenance worker for Sky 17, who mentioned in passing that he was working very hard to repair damage to Sky 17 done in relation to the Juardo Family.

When they landed on Outpost 409, they met Senator Groundholder who was having a problem with Senator Facebender, and Legate Marvius, who was sad that General Captain had died but proud of his strong service. Marvius mentioned a personal bounty of sixty million double dollars for whoever killed Captain’s killers.

They also met Old Harmun who asked the crew to help him retrieve Senator Groundholder’s favorite flask from Senator Facebender’s quarters. Apparently Old Harmun had gone to do it himself, but did not want to unclog the space toilet which had been clogged for about six months.

The Great Race


Locations: Sky 1, Sharpfield, The Corner

Before the session started, the crew had completed delivery of some interesting fungus to Star 25. Because the The Setepo’s warp coil was busted, they went to Star 1 to find a new one. Magnus, Axen, Datum, and Vespa left the Setepo in the hands of Lance.

They approached the owner of La Hoja Oxidada, Maria Pancorbo, to request the sale of her warp coil. She said she would sell it to them for $6000. She also said they could deliver a letter to her cousin in Far Baria.

They approached Javier Jurado and agreed to plant a device on Gustav’s hovercar for $5000. They backstabbed Javier by planting it on the hovercar of Javier’s son – Juan Jurado. Javier sent four thugs after the heros, three of them were killed including the gang boss.

They spoke to Alonso Juardo, Javier’s cousin, and agreed to plant the device on Juan’s hovercar for a warp coil. The sheriff saw them do so and knocked it off the hover car.

They were warned by Sheriff Carmela Cordova to not meddle with the race. They did so, planting a “booster” device on Juan’s car that would ruin the engine.

They spoke with Local Do-Gooder Vicente Zenaida and her friend Gustav. Gustav agreed to help them get the warp coil if they helped him out in the race by protecting him from the thugs on Juan’s hover car. However, knowing that they had agreed to sabotage his hover car, he required that they sabotage Juan’s hover car to prove their loyalty, which they did. They helped Gustav win the race.

They road on the hover car and helped Gustav dodge boulders and a camel. Juan hit the camel. They killed two Legionnaires who attacked them – the other two flew away. They killed a giant leathery bird which fell onto the third racing hover car.

They left the hover races and were attacked by mob thugs, three of which were killed including the gang boss. The fled back to La Hoja Oxidada.

In the end, Maria Pancorbo agreed to give them the warp coil, and Vicente said she’d keep the mob off their backs while in town, but warned them that the mob on the rest of the planted did not like them. The warp coil will take 15 days to install.


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