The Setepo


“A fast ship? Naw, I wouldn’t say it’s a fast ship. It don’t turn well neither. But it will get that cargo between star A and star B, and that’s all you need to care about.”

The Setepo is cramped as can be while still giving room for cargo transit. It is owned by Blue Star Transport, but crewed by the players.

h3: stats:

cost: 700,000 $$
Hull type: Free Merchant
Speed: 3
Armor Class: 2
Armor: 2
Min / Max crew: 2/10
Max hit points: 20

Total / Free power: 10/5
Total / Free Mass: 15/9
Total / Free Hardpoints: 2/1
Cargo Tonnage: 1000 t.


  • Reaper Battery. 100k $$, power: 4, Damage: 3d4 stun. -2 vs fighters.

Defense: none


  • Atmospheric Config (5k $$) Can land on a planet
  • Pressurized cargo space (400 t)
  • Cold-sleep pods (10k $$) Crew can go into stasis
  • Cargo Lighter (25k $$) Orbit to surface cargo shuttle
  • Fuel Bunkers (25k $$) Ship can make two drill jumps before refueling

Note: I’m having a hard time getting a map made of the interior. If anyone wants to help out, I have a rough sketch done but it needs to be filled in before we can have interior events

The Setepo

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